Admitted applicants can enroll in MBA program online from the date indicated on the online selection result, which is 1st of August 2014 for 1st round successful applicants and 1st of October for the 2nd round successful applicants.

 These applicants must:

  1. complete ONLINE ENROLLMENT application on the website
  2. pay the 1st installment of tuition and fees
  3. print the acknowledgement that the application has been registered


Enrollments will be confirmed upon verification of Admission office that all required documentation has been received. In addition, online enrollment must be finalized at the Admission Office, thus applicants must bring the acknowledgement of enrollment and documents listed therein.

Additional information:

Non BiH applicants are advised to get VISA information as soon as possible, so that they can prevent additional complications. For more information, please consult your country Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.