Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurship has many definitions, but most agree that it involves creativity in pursuing business opportunities to start businesses; to find new models and ways of adding value to existing businesses; and in accessing and mobilizing resources for starting and growing businesses.

The course aims to provide an introduction on entrepreneurial and enterprising creativity and its role in starting and developing businesses. It will cover topics such as:

  • what is entrepreneurship,
  • what are business opportunities;
  • why management approaches to competitive advantage are limited, and fail to fully address the implications of “innovation” and “newness”;
  • how entrepreneurship provides an alternative approach in which competition is avoided rather than overcome;
  • how the volatility and rapidly changing business environment throws up a constant stream of novel opportunities for an alert entrepreneur to discover and pursue and techniques how to identify and evaluate new opportunities from the perspective of entrepreneurial potential.


It also addresses how entrepreneurship theories can be applied to predict and evaluate entrepreneurial potential; and how even routine businesses can be transformed by novel business models and approaches even if their products or services are not unique. Finally it explores enterprising ways of accessing capital for the start-up and development of business opportunities.