Global Marketing

The aim of this course is to provide students with a usable advanced marketing weapons for brand management, e-marketing, and promotion management, and for implementation of advanced marketing research methods.

After the completion of the course, student is expected to:

  • introduce and adopt various advanced marketing research methods, and useful innovative marketing weapons;
  • learn how these weapons can be utilized in the development of marketing strategy and business;
  • and integration and apply of the existing concepts and findings into current marketing practice in solving current marketing problems.


After this course, students will be able to successfully deal with:

  1. analyzing, modifying and forming innovative marketing weapons for practice with the tasks of brand managing, advanced e-marketing, and advanced promotion management;
  2. evaluating, modifying, and forming of existing, optional, and innovative marketing weapons for brand management, e-marketing, and promotion management;
  3. synthesizing the approaches in advanced marketing research methods for business subjects;
  4. exploring the marketing metrics for optimizing and measuring weapons of the advanced marketing;
  5. interconnecting all advanced marketing weapons in order to create a competitive marketing management platform.