Advanced Research Methodology

This course is aimed to cover fundamental issues in conducting research in the social sciences, focusing on business and economics (e.g., organizational behaviour, corporate strategy, marketing, international business). The course investigates the methods and techniques of the research process as applied to business and economics. It is designed for master students who intend to conduct theoretical and/or empirical research for their master thesis.

The course sequence is organized according to stages in the research process, from the initial framing of a research question through designing, collecting, analyzing, recording, and interpreting data and writing the results of one’s work. The course also teaches techniques to identify research methodologies by type and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Students learn how to design and implement effective research programs by focusing on issues, developing research question and hypotheses, and crafting studies that test hypotheses effectively, fairly and completely. They tailor experiments, gather data, analyze results and report conclusions in both oral and written forms. In addition, they review previously published experiments to identify design, implementation and analytical errors and then propose solutions to correct the faults.