Business Consultancy

This course has to general objectives: first, to introduce students to the basic concepts of consultancy and second, to develop a critical understanding of consulting processes and learn how to apply MBA learning in workplace. In addition, students engage with the entrepreneurial process, and acquire the skills needed to develop business ideas, into a business start-up.

The main topics covered are:

  • understanding consultants and consultancy;
  • consulting engagements;
  • acquiring and developing clients;
  • the tools, processes and materials of a consultancy business;
  • and the language of consulting.


At the end of this module, students will be equipped with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and able to:

  1. discuss principal academic theories and professional practices relating to consulting activity;
  2. discuss the roles of the management consultant and the entrepreneur and the structures in which they are embedded; demonstrate a critical awareness of the challenges associated with entrepreneurship and the application of consulting practices in different contexts;
  3. analyze different situations and clients so as to identify the practical application of management consulting;
  4. apply management consulting techniques to resolve complex problems while successfully managing the client-consultant relationship;
  5. critically evaluate innovative ideas and business opportunities in a global context;
  6. develop feasibility studies and business plans for new ventures.


In addition, students will be able to creatively apply knowledge and analytical skills for effective project delivery; and communicate effectively with expert and non-expert audiences.