Exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are an integral part of a sustainable development concept. This module concentrates on the renewable energy (solar, energy from biomass and waste, wind, and hydro) technologies most likely to be used in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries of the Western Balkans.

Topics for discussion includes:

  • the potential, scale and variability of resources;
  • available technologies for exploitation;
  • CHP (combine heat and power) systems,
  • integrated (hybrid) systems technical and economic feasibility;
  • software tools used for design and analysis of renewable energy systems.


Students will be able to understand the process and management of sustainable energy exploitation focusing on the following:

  • Environmental issues related to renewable energy sources, Green house gasses emission and reduction, Kyoto mechanisms, Technologies for carbon capture, Sequestration and storage;
  • Wind energy conversion, Solar energy conversion (solar thermal systems, solar cooling, photovoltaic conversion,  PV systems, solar thermal power systems);
  • Biomass conversion technologies;
  • Hydro-energy conversion;
  • Geothermal energy conversion and Hydrogen production, storage and conversion.