Food Chain Management

The aim of this course is to discuss business issues and consider possible solutions based on various cases. These cases include information management practices in food industry, an information sharing system between a food manufacturer and suppliers; information control at the point of critical hazard/accident outbreak.

Major learning outcomes are:

  1. to introduce students to the  general management about the food chain;
  2. to develop an understanding of key areas of food processing;
  3. to understand key actors in food chain production and processing including government institutions and organization;
  4. to introduce students to key areas of food quality and safety;
  5. to begin to develop understanding of business functions in food production in international contexts;
  6. to provide a foundation for more advanced comparative business studies.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Delivering performance and Managing relationships in food chains;
  • Food chain planning, auditing and performance analysis;
  • Aligning supply and demand in food chains;
  • Perceived Risk and Product Safety;
  • Authenticity and origin of food products;
  • Managing processes efficiently and effectively;
  • Reducing product losses;
  • Maintaining quality and safety;
  • Temperature Controlled Chains;
  • Understanding innovation;
  • Using technology effectively in food chains;
  • Adoption of e-business solutions;
  • Consumer views and future trends;
  • New Product Development and Information Technology in Food Chain Management;
  • The Future of Food Supply Chain Management.