International Business

Major aims of the course are:

  • to understand international organizations and the international environment they operate in;
  • to make students explore and understand the international element attached to business functions today;
  • and to enhance participants cognitive and intellectual skills and support further personal development.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction & Foundation;
  • International Business Environment;
  • International Business Theories;
  • Firms and Internationalization;
  • International Business Operations.


Major learning outcomes are:

  1. to introduce students to the international business environment;
  2. to develop an understanding of key types of international business activities as well as cooperative and non-cooperative forms of involvement;
  3. to understand key actors in international business, particularly focusing on MNCs and international SMEs;
  4. to introduce students to key theories of international trade and theories of Foreign Direct Investment;
  5. to begin to develop understanding of business functions in international contexts;
  6. to provide a foundation for more advanced comparative business studies.