Program overview

UNIBL International MBA Program, entirely taught in English, is highly demanding program specially designed for experienced professionals who want to make a significant change in their careers. The course content and the focus on personal and professional development provide participants with new vision and new ambitions. In addition, each MBA participant brings a wealth of knowledge to the program, as there is continuous share of career and life experiences.

  • to enable graduates to propose best solutions to complex problems in the companies and improve organizational performance through application of scientific methods
  • to develop skills that are needed to generate the top experts in the field of business management
  • to build MBA participants’ international network


Rapid progress in all spheres of life has led to changes in the educational system and therefore the learning process. Our MBA program keeps up with these changes and, therefore, the traditional way of acquiring knowledge is combined with these new techniques.

Some of these new techniques are:

  • Computer stimulations
  • Business simulations
  • Video learning
  • Role-playing
  • Case studies
  • Trips abroad
  • Visits to different companies and organizations


Ekonomski fakultet BL 40Our students will have the opportunity to listen to lectures from practitioners, local and foreign entrepreneurs and managers, as well as other experts who could contribute to the acquisition of high-quality information.

Another unconventional way of learning, which we believe will be beneficial to all participants of this program in many ways, are MBA competitions. These competitions are designed for MBA students to express their creativity and apply gained knowledge and relevant experiences to achieve internationally recognized success.

In addition to the diversity of learning techniques and opportunities to gain useful knowledge, it is important to emphasize high level of diversity in this program reflected in participants’ as well as professors’ characteristics:

  • Professional experience
  • Educational background
  • Gender
  • Age groups
  • Nationality
  • Cultural heritage


This diversity creates a rich platform for debate, which is key to the MBA teaching style!

With respect to this, we believe it is important that our students gain the ability to work in groups that are designed to increase the level of tolerance towards people and customs that are different from their own. This experience is very important, especially for those students who are already working or plan to be employed in transnational companies or companies abroad.