Campus life

Students’ Union of the Faculty of Economics (SEF)

Students’ Union of the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka is an independent interest organization of students of the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka.

Students’ Union was formed with the primary intention for the students to give their contribution in an organized way to the improvement of students’ standard as well as their living and working conditions. The main goals of the Students’ Union are fighting for the rights of students, increase of students’ standard, and improvement of the quality of teaching process and professional training and education of students.

SEF Assembly is at the top of its organizational structure. The Assembly consists of elected representatives from all years of study. The work of the SEF Assembly is managed by a SEF President. SEF Presidency consists of: SEF President, two Vice Presidents and Managers of SEF Committees.

Committees are the executive level, i.e. the level at which all activities of the Students’ Union are performed. The following committees operate within the Students’ Union:

  • Public Relations,
  • Marketing,
  • Sports,
  • International Cooperation,
  • Humanitarian Work.

The connection between the SEF and teaching staff is achieved through the student representatives in the Scientific-Educational Council of the Faculty of Economics, who attend the Council meetings and have a right to vote. SEF’s activities are indeed numerous:

  • organization of scientific and cultural forums, participation in scientific conferences, seminars and competitions in the field of economics,
  • organization of humanitarian actions,
  • organization of sports activities and participation in student sport events
  • organization of entertaining evenings for students.

Students’ Union of the Faculty of Economics is a full member of JASEF. JASEF is the Yugoslav Association of Students of Faculties of Economics, a body that gathers all students’ unions of economic faculties from Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.