schoolarshipOur university is well aware of the fact that MBA is significant investment, and therefore, we made several scholarships available for outstanding applicants. These scholarships will be awarded based on the overall quality of the applicant’s profile.

In order to apply for MBA scholarship, the candidate must fulfill three requirements:

  • demonstrate high academic achievements (academic merits)
  • be in need of financial assistance (financial need)
  • have potential of significant contribution to class in general (professional experience)

3 scholarships will be awarded based on all of these three criteria, i.e. the overall excellence.


Additional 3 MBA scholarships that will be provided in 2014/2015 academic year, focusing on one of three listed criteria only, are the following:

  • Merit-based scholarship (1 available) – UNIBL scholarship
  • Entrepreneurship scholarship (1 available) – COMPANY SPONSORSHIP scholarship
  • Need-based scholarship (1 available) – BANK SPONSORSHIP scholarship


The final decisions on scholarships will be announced as early as possible, the latest until the beginning of August. Therefore, we encourage all applicants who consider applying for scholarship to do it as early as possible, so that they can make their plans accordingly as there will be no two sessions for scholarship application but only one. Thus, the 1st session for the admission is the only in which applications for scholarships will be considered, meaning that the deadline for applying for scholarships is the same as the deadline for 1st session admission, the 15th of July.