Career support

careerCareer services at UNIBL are organized in a way that goes beyond traditional career support to students, and special career services are developed exclusively for MBA students.

Namely, most of the activities are part of International Professional Development Program which is designed to prepare MBA students for their current as well as future career concerns in terms of not only personal and professional development, but special focus is on their international development. One of the aspects this particular program is concentrating on is also to help MBA participants to acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and attitudes they need to improve their performance in the recruitment processes that are taking place worldwide and become able to show their potential to their future employers in the international arena.

The great variety of career activities is organized regularly to support MBA participants in different phases of their career orientation, placement and problems they are faced with in their current career.

 Various events are organized during MBA Program:

  • Intensive career orientation
  • Personalized career counseling focused on different dimensions of personal development, managerial skills and future career
  • Professional career coaching with experts from different fields: Finance, Consulting, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing…
  • Careers workshops: Public speaking, Time management, Negotiating, Successful teamworking…
  • On campus career events: UNIBL Career Fair, Company presentations
  • International conferences: REDETE CONFERENCEhome conference of UNIBL, with internationally widespread participants and high reputation speakers
  • Roundtable discussions: Panels composed of recruitment specialists, business leaders and alumni